13 Days of Halloween: Dude, I got the Morbs

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

So, this year — amiright? What started out as a year full of promise and sayings as profound and deep as “20/20 vision” soon had us all having more WTF moments than that show with the husband killer and tigers. But, as with any sort of crisis, most of us pulled up our big people panties and carried on. Yet here we are creeping up onto the most wonderful time of the year (I will seriously fight anyone who says otherwise) and everything is still comin’ up COVID. And once again, people are hitting the pause button — this time on Halloween. Questions/debates/concerns have fellow creepsters everywhere wondering whether to allow kiddos to Trick-or-Treat or have Halloween parties. Ugh!

Muh dudes — I “got the morbs!” This wee treasure of Victorian slang essentially means “temporary melancholia.”

Now, I’ve been finding myself in a state of “temporary” melancholia for a substantial amount of time, but I’ve been significantly more aware of it right here and now. Because for the first time in the history of my spookiness I haven’t a single Halloween decoration on display, I have no costume that I’m working on for the big Halloween party, and — dudes — I don’t even know if there will be any sort of Halloween party! And to make matters worse, the ultimate trifecta is happening Halloween night: it falls on a Saturday, there’s a full moon, AND it’s a blue moon. But because of the pandemic, I am not in full swing this holiday season. Thus, I  got the morbs. And for those who have high opinions of themselves, please click here.

It seems only fitting that since we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a pandemic that our first day in the countdown should be about quarantines and livin’ that social distanced life.

Let’s get started . . .

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Song of the Day

Not only does this song have a great social distancing message, but the video is also a good time. This was back in the band’s hay day when they knew how to have a good time and didn’t take themselves too seriously.

What To Do When You Got The Morbs

When shit got “real” back in March, people (including numero uno) found themselves with a lot of extra time on their hands. And losing oneself down a YouTube rabbit hole (you know what I’m talking about) became a way to pass the time without having to tax the ole brain cells overly. So, I’m going to share a few things I found along the way that helped shake me outta the morbs — or simply pass the time until all the wine I consumed finely knocked my ass out.

Wine Pong for One

There were a few different versions of these that I found on YouTube. I chose this one solely based on her ball jokes.

Social Distancing

Here’s a top 10 list of social distancing ideas. I gotta admit, I feel a wee bit dumber after having watched this but I did appreciate noodle dude yelling 6 feet warnings every 2 seconds, so it made the cut.

Social Distance Bar Fight

Now, this is funny!

Social Distancing

Because everyone needs to find a reason to laugh . . .

The Simpsons Practice Social Distancing

Because who doesn’t love the Simpsons — amiright?

Dude —

Movie of the Day

Ever watch this movie? I did. And it freaked the fucking Frito Lays outta me, bruh!! Seems only fair that I would share the experience with you all. Enjoy!

What’s on the Menu

If you’re anything like me when this whole quarantine/shelter in place stuff happened (due to elevated stress and feelings of boredom because almost everything was shut down and many people were being furloughed left and right) then your diet took a bit of an unhealthy detour. Combine that with the fear that this pandemic was going to fuck everyone’s shit up and people were expected to be dying in the streets because hospitals would not be able to treat all who would contract the virus, and my alcohol intake also increased exponentially. So, for tonight’s menu, I’m sharing a dinner that became a real favorite of mine, especially when the shelter in place was extended another month for my state. Enjoy!


Skrewball Whiskey

The peanut butter-flavored whiskey you didn't know you need to try -  ExpressNews.com
This is a peanut butter whiskey that is ohmyfuckingod good. I’m sure there are many great ways to enjoy this wee bit of awesome, however, since my stressed-out ass only drinks it straight from the bottle, I wouldn’t know what they are. But please, by all means, feel free to share your favorite ways to sip in the comments below.

Main Course


Different Types of Cheese | HowStuffWorks
This main course is a quick and easy way to get instant satisfaction. And the loveliest part of the whole “recipe” is that it’s open for interpretation. Ya want the cheddar — eat the cheddar! Ya need the pepper jack — have the pepper jack! Personally, I love me some gouda. But I must admit, the old saying “the stinkier the cheese, the better” holds true for me. Ah, who am I kidding — I am a slut for cheese! Don’t believe me? Just click here.


Apothic Wine

Red Wine | White Wine | Apothic Wines | About Apothic
Seriously, I have never met an Apothic wine I didn’t like! Well, that’s not 100% true — I have not had the rosé. But that’s only because I’m not a huge rosé fan in the first place. My point is this — you pair any one of these beauties with your main course and it’ll be a win. This wine line is the perfect combo of yumminess and numbness — hands down.



Dark Chocolate Honey Fig Walnut Truffles | Snixy Kitchen
Once again — the choice is yours. IDGAF what’s your pleasure because you can’t go wrong when pairing up the items on tonight’s menu. That’s the beauty of it, bruh. Indulge.

hi loser

Disclaimer: Please eat and drink responsibly — unless in the privacy of your own home, then do whatever the fuck you want because you’re a grown-ass adult and life is fucking hard right now.


I recommend watching this after dinner — after the whiskey and wine, specifically — because that’s what I did one night. And I was all “haaaaaay, am I fucked up or is it this video?” Turns out, it was both. Good times.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

Happy Hour Drinking Sticker by Skrewball Whiskey for iOS & Android | GIPHY

2 thoughts on “13 Days of Halloween: Dude, I got the Morbs

  1. You are not alone in having the morbs! I think I’ll put this dinner on the menu this week. Love the links-had to click them. I needed this today. Thanks!!

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