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Welcome to the 13 days of Halloween

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So, today’s post will be another installment of the groovy-creepy-cool people in my world who–well–just do shizz better. And in this case, they’re manifesting some wicked cool Halloween decor. I mean, seriously, decorating for Halloween is theeeee shit! And finding (or creating) creepy-cool decorations can really set the spooky tone of your digs—ya dig? Have you decorated yet? If not (which I’m going to pretend I’m totally cool with), you’re going to fucking love today’s feature. Now, I’ve done my fair share of DIY Halloween decor in past blogs, but that’s not what I’m doing today. I’m taking you bats and ghouls somewhere I’ve never taken you before—a little place called online shopping. And, Penelope, before you start fingerpointing and yipping that I’ve turned into some damn sellout by commericializing my blog or whatever the hell you’re always bitching about—let me just say—mind ya business! Anywho, these two ladies are a couple of the fiercest DIYers that I’ve seen in a long time. And when they started crafting seriously cool Halloween decor, well g-damn, I just had to write about it to share with you all. Let’s get started.

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Kackles ‘n’ Crafts

Kackles ‘n’ Crafts—whattah great fuckin’ name—amiright? So, all of today’s items can be found (and purchased) at the following links: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest I’ll display these links again at the end of the post for you skimmers. Let’s get-tah shoppin’! But maybe a SOTD to set the mood.

Song of the day

Today’s song is one of Cassee’s picks for favorite Halloween song. I absolutely love this song (which plays during closing credits of Maleficent.) Who’s excited for Maleficent 2? Dudes, I cannot even tell you—it’s going to be great!

Shizz to Buy

Blood Drip Candle Holders

Set of 3 Blood Drip Candle Holders ( 3.5″ x 3.5″ ) . . . Solid wood and hand-painted
$25 for the set

Hocus Pocus Block Set

Hocus Pocus Block Set (3.5″ x 3.5″) . . . Solid wood and hand-painted blocks
“Twist the bones and bend the back” Thackery Binx spell with Sanderson Sister silhouettes
$25 for the set

Wooden Signs

All solid wood with mitered corners . . . REVERSIBLE! 2 signs in 1
The other side has a Fall themed saying, so this piece can be out from Sept. – Nov
Smaller frame is 6″ and is $15 . . . Larger frame is 10″ and is $25

Set of Three Candy Corn

Set of three candy corn . . . Solid wood and hand-painted  . . . Rustic look
Small piece 4″ . . . Medium piece 5″ . . . Large piece 6″
$15 for the set

Hocus Pocus Sign

Hocus Pocus Sign . . . Solid wood and hand-painted
Approximately 12″x 11″ for $30

Wooden Shelf Signs

Wooden shelf signs
4″ sign is $7 . . . 7″ sign is $10 . . . 12″ is $12

Bonus Song of the Day

Keely’s favorite Halloween song is “Thriller”. This one definitely makes my top 10 list. Here, I’ve shared the full theatrical movie version of the video because if this isn’t your favorite way to enjoy “Thriller,” are you even a fan? So good!! (P.S. Favorite quote: ” . . . scrolled in blood.”—“What’s it say?”—“See you next Wednesday.”) 

Shizz I Share

Meet Keely (left) and Cassee (right) the talent behind Kackles ‘n’ Crafts

Meet Keely:

Hey everyone! I’m Keely—some call me Keelz, Kiwi (only a select few can do this without a doctor bill LOL), Keke, babes, and about 90% of the time, asshole. I like books, long walks on the beach, kids …. Haha! JK! I love building and learning. I am the type that has to do it to learn it, and I am going to learn how whether it is online or asking an actual person. I have taken my passion for woodworking and learning to the next level by creating pieces for Kackles n’ Crafts. I really hope you like what we have to offer and hope we can bring you quality items to display in your home for years to come!

Fun fact: Keely and I met through mutual friends, like 50 years ago, and shot on a competitive pool team together for a number of years. I mention that we shot on the same team because one particular bright, sunny day her and I played tennis—against each other—it was not a good time, and so, we quickly realized that if she and I are ever to participate in a competitive sport again—it must be on the same side/team. (It really is in everybody’s best interests.)

Meet Cassee:

Twenty years ago I was a small-town girl growing up in Northern Minnesota. Twelve years ago I was graduating from high school. Ten years ago I was “graduating” from treatment for anorexia. Seven years ago I was graduating as one of the first in my family with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Four years ago I was going through a short sale on my first house as I was getting a divorce and coming out to my family. That’s a fun story over a cup of coffee. Who am I kidding—we will need a LAAARRGGE glass of wine for that one! Two years ago I was graduating with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. (Student loans blow.) One year ago I was marrying my wife in Las Vegas. Currently, I am realizing I probably could have avoided those student loans and the BS of Corporate America if I would have pursued my true passions and really sharpened my skills with the talents I was born with—creativity and home decorating. Not all is lost— I have learned, seen, and weathered a lot. Life is creative. Now I have created Kackles ‘n’ Crafts with my wife. Cheers!

Shizz They Share

As any writer worth their salt (on a quest to report the hard-hitting facts) would do, I asked Cassee and Keely the tough questions. The make or break questions. Here’s what they had to say:


Me: What’s your favorite Halloween movie?

Keely: Scream

Me: Here? Right now? You want me to just scream?


Me: Soooooo . . .

Still Keely:

Me: Ohhhhhhh–right–movie–got it–muh bad!

Me again: Favorite song?

Keely: “Thriller”

Me: Righteous!

And Me: Favorite Halloween activity?

Keely: Murder

Me: Ah, dude, right? You know what they say–the only good murder is an unsolved murder!

Keely: WTF–I was just kidding!!

Me: I knew that.

Keely: You were serious! I was joking. My favorite Halloween activity is going to the Halloween party.

Me: So, are you coming this year?



Me: I think you laughed a wee bit too hard at my reaction to Keely saying her favorite Halloween activity is murder.

Cassee *still laughing*: Well . . .

Me *sighing*: Moving forward—what’s your favorite Halloween movie?

Cassee: Hmmm, I can’t choose between The Craft, Practical Magic, or Hocus Pocus. They’re all so good! I know this isn’t a movie, but – “American Horror Story.” Enough said!

Me: Stellar choices! Practical Magic is one of my absolute faves. And AHS Coven (season 3) is hands down my favorite season, so I’ll allow it.

Also me: Favorite Halloween song?

Cassee: “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell OR “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Rey—I’m pretty sure this one wasn’t intended to be a Halloween song, but I get witchy vibes from it!

Me: Hells yeah it’s a witchy-vibin’ song!

Me again: Favorite Halloween activity?

Cassee: My favorite Halloween activity is going to Jen and Randi’s for the party!

Me: Yay, right? Can’t wait? So, are you coming? Because I asked Keely, but she didn’t really say.


Here are some fun random facts that Cassee also shared:
1. I’m mildly obsessed with London even though I have never been. One day …
2. Shoes and lipstick are everything.
3. If you can’t listen to In This Moment – Frank Sinatra – Lana Del Ray – Audioslave – Beyonce (in that order), you can’t ride in a car with me.
4. Raw cookie dough and home decor are life.
5. I have a huge fear of singing in front of people and spiders.
6. I live for the holidays. All of them. But Halloween takes the cake.

Keely: You have a huge fear of singing in front of spiders?


Cassee: Yes, I have a fear of singing in front of spiders–LOL.

Me: That spider fear is legit.


Some BTS photos these crafty creepsters shared with me

Once again (for ya damn skimmers) all of today’s items can be found (and purchased) at the following links: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

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