Frights and Bones: a Haunting day in the 13

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

Whelp, I just want you guys to know that while spending 30 minutes searching for the perfect image to set the tone for today’s blog (see above), I completely freaked myself out. Jumpy AF now, dudes! Gahhh! I’m going to need a few of today’s feature cocktails after this! Anywho, for today’s “day in the 13” I’m sort of doing what I did in the Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus post–a little of this–a little of that–and hopefully, a whole lot of inspiration. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there really is nothing better than a good old fashion fright fest. You know what I’m talking about–spooky, creepy, frightful stuff that is both chilling and fun. And when I say chilling, I mean this, not this. So, everything in today’s post will center around ghosts and skeleton-types, so hang on to your butts, I aim to freak–you–out. And if by some off chance I fail at freaking you out, don’t be a meany in the comment section or I will Macarena your ass! I’m talking to you, Penelope! Let’s get started . . .

In this post

  • song of the day
  • something fun
  • kickass DIYs
  • calm the fuck down juice

Song of the Day

I mean, if the Boogeyman is coming for you, you might as well rock out. Amirite? Excellent jam.

Something Fun

The Spookiest Freakiest Hoping-you-make-it-out-alive Stories

The Spookiest Ghost Stories From All 50 States
image source:

So, here’s something really cool. Mental Floss comprised a list of (what they have determined) to be the spookiest ghost stories from every state. Shut up, I know–fan-freakin-tastic right?! Find your state ghost story and then plan a party, or something equally as awesome, and themed around the story.

Quiz Time!! (Cuz they’re fun, right?)

What kind of Ghost will You be?
image source:

Click here and take this quiz to find out what kind of ghost you’ll be. Share your results with me in the comments below.

Bonus: Movie of the Day!

I know I don’t usually include a movie of the day in posts like this, but color me death warmed over if this movie doesn’t look spooky AF. Annnnnd Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 82%–soooo, watch it!

Kickass DIYs

Here’s the makeup tutorial for our feature image. I mean, I just can’t even with this one–sofa king cooooool! You’re the cat’s pajamas if you can master this look!

feature image source:

floating ghost heads
image source:

This is one of my favorite DIY ghost decorations; it’s easy, cheap, and a good time ((heh-heh)). Anywho, click here to check out this DIY and go a little nuts with spooking your place up.

Halloween cemetery-something different with net Halloween Forum member Kritze
image source:

Now, here’s a really cool idea to take your Halloween graveyard up a notch–web lighting. Brilliant!

Skeleton Shenanigans

30 Hilarious "elf on the shelf" IDEAS you can start with your Halloween Skeleton. Great addition to your Halloween decoration!
image source:

Halloween’s answer to Christmas’ annoying little Elf on a Shelf. Come on, dudes, that elf is one creeping little doll! Click here because this is waaaaaaay better.

Calm the Fuck Down Juice

Image result for huge bottle of booze gif

Here’s just what the witch doctor ordered to help calm your nerves after a night full of fright. And if you’re as jumpy as I am now, you’re going to need to make a drink just about the size in the above gif.

Apple Pie Moscow Mule

(This one’s for my Moscow Mule lovin’ friend, Melissa!)


  • 4 ounces apple cider
  • 4 ounces apple pie vodka or caramel vodka in a pinch
  • 1 bottle ginger beer
  • cinnamon sticks and apple slices for garnish


  1. Fill two copper mugs with crushed ice.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine the apple cider and vodka. Shake to combine.
  3. Pour half of the apple cider mixture into each mug.
  4. Top each mug with ginger beer until full.
  5. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices.

(Honestly, who’s got time to garnish? Chug that shit down!) Eh, but always remember to please drink responsibly and all that shizz.

I hope you enjoyed this day in the 13 and found some helpful ways to scare the shizz out of yourselves–or someone else.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

Related image

(Dudes! I was totes holding my breath watching this gif–you?)

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