Things that make you go AAAAGH!!! A day in the 13

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

This is it, dudes, what we dark and twisty badasses wait all year for–Halloween. And if you’re like me, and one day of celebrating the orange and black, the spooky and macabre just isn’t enough–your celebration has either already started or starts today. Happy 13 Days of Halloween to 1 and all! So, today we’re going to be celebrating creepy, scary stuff. You know the stuff I’m talking about . . . it’s the stuff that makes us look twice and run once. You know, I really need to stop researching these posts late at night because I always end up scaring the shiatsu out of myself! It gets so bad that when I’m done, I have to go watch a bunch of funny vines or videos to calm my ass down. So this Halloween season, here’s my motto:

Image result for keep calm and creep on

Let’s get started.

In this post:

  • 13 Creepy AF Halloween Decorations
  • Movie of the Day
  • Food

But first . . .

A warning comes with this video:

“WARNING (PLEASE READ): I have been getting private messages and complaints about people’s TVs becoming static and water dripping from the screen monitor after watching this video. After seeing this footage, I strictly advise you to count 7 days immediately and mark the 7th day on your calendar. Throw away your TV, sell your house and simply migrate to Alaska.”

Good times!!!

13 Creepy AF Halloween Decorations

Psych Ward - on Halloween Forum …:

Turning the bathroom into a psyche ward: For the virtual tour, click here.

midnight studio screaming specters:

Screaming Specters: these impressive (but pricey) bits of “yikes” can be found here.

We're not sure which is freaky-est: the girl's face, the way her head is backwards or how she's scaling that wall. You decide.:

Found this bit of OMFG on Pinterest and here’s the site it originated from. There’s no DIY to go along with it, but if you’re creative and resourceful, you should have no problems rocking this.


A cape that is draped over . . . over . . . over a little body that isn’t even there!!! Aaaahhhh!! Anywho, make it how-to’s here.


Mirror, mirror on the . . . pardon me, didn’t realize this one was already taken. For me, there is nothing creepier than walking by a mirror at night. Want to make this and freak some peeps out? Click here.

Can you imagine??? “Oh, I think I’ll take a lovely walk and go berry picking–or something–in the woods.” And you come across this instead?! Gone!! This total terror can be found at Grim Hollow. No DIY but I recommend you visit the site and have a look at all the images for maximum creep out!


I keep staring at this picture, waiting for her to do this. I found this little bundle of–joy–on the Halloween Forum. No DIY included.

How to Create a Ghost Illusion for a Haunted House @Mary Powers Powers Powers Sandgren this is awesome, I would love to try this:

I dig it. I have always wanted to include a ghostly illusion in my Halloween decorating. It’s just so cool. And with the simple DIY provided here, the possibilities are endless!

Use a mannequin or a sewing form with a styrofoam wig head covered with dark fabric and then draped in tulle or gauze positioned at the top of the stairs if you don't want guests going up there during your Halloween Party.:

Here’s another creepy-cool idea I found on Pinterest. There’s no DIY with this one, but it would be simple enough to make: a mannequin or a sewing form, a styrofoam wig head, cover them with dark fabric and then drape it in tulle or gauze or something. - How to make a creepy girl prop like Samara with motion sensor - YouTube:

Samara from The Ring–I can’t even. Flashbacks of the movie are hittin’ me hard so I’ll just leave the link to the tutorial here and move on.

Look at this–just look!! Do you see the feckin’ eye lookin’ right at us?!? Cahreeeepay!! No DIY but I found this craziness here.

Tape and trash bag ghost tutorial. Good tutorial for making a trash bag dress for a ghost!:

These lovely apparitions of Aaack! are made out of trash bags and tape. Can you dig it? If you can, click here for the tutorial.


I love this, especially standing in the middle of a cornfield at night with the moon highlighting its creepiness. Click on this link and check out the other images she has of this beaut.

Movie of the Day

Yep, you guessed it, it’s Samara day! This movie–ah, man, dude–freaked the frosting right outta me. It was the first time I had ever seen disjointed, jerky movements. You know what I’m talking about–hello–Samara crawling out of the TV!!


That’s right, fellow creepsters!! The Ring is back . . . well . . . sometime in 2017, anyway.


In the Eye of the Lychee

Make your guests feel like they are always being watched!

This creepy/gross delicacy is made with the tropical Chinese fruit, Lychee. Click here to find out how to make this bowl of ick.

Pork Dumplings with Chile-Sesame Sauce

These wrinkly dumplings are filled with pork, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, scallions, and ginger. For Halloween, David Burtka soaks the brain-like dumplings in the dipping sauce, then serves them in science-lab beakers. Recipe: Pork Dumplings with Chile-Sesame Sauce

For dramatic effect, serve these bad boys in science-lab beakers. Click here for the recipe.

Spider Cakes

Do you know what’s inside these spider cupcakes? Neither do I. I can’t! I just can’t!! Here’s the recipe.

Medusa Ice Face and Hands Punch

This looks so cool–and yummy. That Martha Stewart’s got it goin’ on! Find her recipe here.

Whelp, there you have it, our first day in the 13 is in the books. I look forward to hanging out with you again tomorrow.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

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