Through the Looking Glass: Decorating Wonderland

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween


For me, there’s nothing like watching Alice in Wonderland to get me in the mood for a tea party. A dark and twisty Halloween tea party. Who’s with me on that one? So, last week we painted the roses red when I showed you some super creative ways to celebrate a Wonderland day in the 13. Now, let’s step through the looking glass and explore some of my favorite tips and ideas for a Wonderland-themed party.

In this post I’m going to show you how to have a Wonderland-themed Halloween party by providing the following:

  • DIY party decorating ideas
  • Music musts

Party Decorating Ideas

Halloween preparation, stairs for Alice in Wonderland made entirely from cardboard.

So if you click on the link, you’ll notice 2 things: #1 you have to select the translate tab to switch everything to English and #2 there are no how-to directions (that I found). Nevertheless, this is a cool addition to any Wonderland party. And it’s made completely out of cardboard . . . that much I know. Come on, this will be a welcome challenge to all you creative genius types!

Scary Halloween Rabbit Decoration

scary rabbit halloween

Check out this bit of fantastic-ness! I am mad about this and will definitely be making one of my own. Click here to find out how to turn an innocent, unsuspecting bunny figurine into a creepy, little white rabbit.

Wonderland Croquet Set

Make a creepier version of these . . . 2d9bdb3452bcf3cec68827873169d4f8

. . . by using these 0294a4996de36e05505f694585e37b38

Aren’t these skeleton flamingos adorable? They’re a must have for any Halloween collection. Find out how to make this Wonderland croquet set here. Tip: If you’re like me and have no intention of handcrafting your own croquet set, go here.

Giant Mushrooms

How to Make a Giant Fake Mushroom Out of Paper Mache ~:

Find out how to make unusually large fungi here.

When my bros and I throw our Halloween parties, we always decorate more than one room and give each its own theme. So when doing a Wonderland party, it only makes sense that one room has oversized items (drink me) and another room have miniature items (eat me). 

Large Paper Roses

Tutorial to make large Crepe Paper Roses created by Morgan Levine at Martha Stewart Website (there is a video too!!):

These are super cool and realistic as hell. Personally, I’d like to see some black ones, oh and blue too! Well, whatever color you decide, you can find the video tutorial here.

Now, this is my idea of the giant flowers found in Wonderland . . .

skelly daisy-- could be done small or with dollar store skeleton face - her directions are easy to understand, but might require more materials than readily available -- but the pictures indicate you could adapt.:

Ohhhhh yeahhhh. Nice and creepy. No DIY available but these wouldn’t be hard to construct. You could make smaller versions using dollar store decorations.

I found a free pocket watch printable at thegraphicsfairy..... Add some black ribbon and makes a great mobile:  This is a nice added touch, but the printable on the other side of the link doesn’t match the example shown. So . . .

printable clock/Alice in wonderland: I found this one here— backward clock, bruhs. Noice! Print them off in varying sizes to get the same effect as the example shown above.

Mad Hatter Top Hat

I *totally* could have used this last year when I was trying to create a program for a Tea Party themed OES event. Oh well, I have it now! - How to build a Mad Hatter Hat:

This is a really cool idea too. The DIY can be found here. Make them in varying styles and sizes and create something similar to this:

Giant top hat PROPS for Wonderland party:

Cool, right? And now we dance!

Music for Futterwacken

This is by far my favorite song from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. Love everything about this video too–especially her dress. 

Pink absolutely nails her rendition of “White Rabbit”. And this is an absolute must for your playlist. Wanna hear the original? Click here. Annnnd another one performed by Pink (bet no one’s complaining)–fun, fun, fun video.

And then there’s this . . .

I dig it.

Perfect song to play some beer pong to and maybe down a Jell-O shot . . . or 2 . . . or 3.

And then I’ll just put this right here . . .

In case you or your guests want to Futterwacken.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting


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