This is My Halloween


Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

On October 30th, I co-hosted the annual Halloween party (that would be why I didn’t do a post that day in the 13). I had hoped to have this out and circulating by this past Sunday, however, that shit didn’t happen–obviously–because I’m sitting here writing it on a Tuesday. I had every intention of writing it Sunday . . . it’s just that . . . well . . . You see, the thing is, after Halloween is all said and done for another year, I bum out for a while. I get a little sad. I get some big-time withdrawals. I even start writing bad poetry to express how I feel. Ugh! The struggle is real! I know that anyone of you reading this post right now can relate to how I’m feeling. How do I know? You’re reading a Halloween blog in November. You are my people! So, let’s get started.

In this post:

  • Decorations
  • Games
  • Food
  • Costumes


witch's cauldron

You can’t tell from the picture, but the orange lights under the cauldron “twinkle” and give the perfect effect of glowing embers. A scattering of bones, a raven, and a BOS complete the display.

creepy portraits  Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

Creepy family portraits, a haunted telephone, and one of my most impressive skulls (it glows in the dark), help set the mood in the living room. The stairway has been transformed into “spidey land” and there’s a miniature strobe light perched high atop a shelf to help create that spooky mood.

Halloween decorations  Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

Welcome to the bloodbath! Wall clings, a homemade bloody shower curtain, and hand towel complete this effect. The creepy face in the window is a nice touch too–right? Wait until you see it from the outside of the house!


Another witchy corner that I absolutely love includes a lantern, broom, and my beloved toad, Hilde. I’ve had her for a very long time and she is a perfect addition to my witchy collection.

witch house  witch house

Here’s a couple of my witch houses. Both, are open in the back so that a tea light can be placed within and lit. Once again, these have been in my collection for a very long time. I also have a collection of witch hats, but I’ll save those for another time.

Halloween decorations  Halloween decorations

My stacking skulls–aren’t they pretty? This lighted sign takes up residence in the kitchen where guests can come whip up their poison of choice.

Halloween decorations  Halloween decorations

More skulls, bones, and various body parts help set the stage for a mad scientist’s laboratory. Black lights and a spinning, black skull strobe light are a nice touch–aren’t they?

Halloween decorations  Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

My kick-ass book ends, velvet and satin spider web table runner, and a chandelier of red lights make this tabletop display both haunting and beautiful. That reminds me, all the pictures you see with a red hue are from the dining room with the chandelier of red lights.

Halloween decprations  Halloween decorations

This is the street view of the window decorations that were placed throughout the house. The one on the left, of course, is the one hanging in the dining room. Does it not look completely feckin’ badass?! Notice the one in the upper left of the second picture–that would be the bloodbath. Yeah, these rock.


Once all of our guests arrived, it was time to play some games. At this year’s party, we had a smaller group, so I thought some organized games would be the way to go in keeping the night fun and engaging. Usually, we have beer pong set up in the mad scientist lab and the only organized game we play is Murder (more on that later), but this time, I thought a drinking game would be a fun way to get the party started. But not just any drinking game–no–so I searched Halloween drinking games to find the perfect one. Jackpot!

Monster Mash Drinking Game

It’s the damnedest thing, I’ve tried backtracking and finding the original site that I got this game from, but cannot for the life of me find it. Can you believe it? Well, probably not because it happened to me and not you. But I dare you–dare you–to find a link to the game I’m describing and put it in the comments below. If you succeed . . . maybe I’ll mail you a cookie . . . or something. IDK–I can work out the details later.

So, basically, this game is the Halloween version of a drinking game called “Roxanne”. Here’s how it goes:

  • Divide into 2 teams.
  • One team is monster and the other team is mash.
  • Team monster drinks every time they hear, not only the word monster but also vampire, werewolf, mummy, etc. That’s right–every type of monster mentioned in the song is another drink taken.
  • Team mash drinks–yep–you guessed it, every time they hear the word mash.
  • This continues until the song is blessedly over.
  • Before the game began, we all loaded up on some carbs (provided by our impressive table of party food).

Now at this point, team mash is feeling pretty cocky because they only have to drink to one word, where team monster has to drink to several different words throughout the song. <insert evil laugh here> they were so wrong. Let’s take a listen:

Talk about an intense 3 minutes and 35 seconds! And how about that video? Super entertaining. Next game!


We’ve been playing this game for almost the entire history of our Halloween parties and it has become a tradition. To play this one, you’ll need a deck of cards and a bowl/platter. Here’s how it goes down:

  • Get enough cards so that each guest will get one. Make sure that there is 1 queen and 1 king. The rest of the cards can be whatever, as long as the queen and king are the only face cards to choose from.
  • Have all of your guests gather in a circle and pick 1 card from the bowl/platter as you pass by with it. No one may reveal their drawn card.
  • Drawing the queen card means you are the killer. Drawing the king card means you are the cop. All other cards mean you are a potential victim.
  • After the cards are all drawn, everyone begins “mingling” from person-to-person and from room-to-room. While the “mingling” is happening, the killer “kills” people by winking at them. If you are winked at, you must immediately fall to the floor dead. The cop must figure out who the killer is before all guests are dead.

We play several rounds of this game because–well–it’s to die for. Oh, come on! Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking it!

Zombie, Witch, Ghost

  • Randomly pick an action and sound effect for one of three characters: Zombie (arms out in front of you), Witch (pointed hands on top of your head) and Ghost (wavy arms by your sides and wiggling and all with appropriate noises).
  • The game master shouts one, two, three and everyone suddenly becomes one of the three characters.
  • The character with the most amount of people playing it loses and has to drink. The game master calls it and can’t be disputed. People will try to call bull shit on your decision, but by now, they’re drunk, so who cares.
  • Repeat frequently for further intoxication.

Fuzzy Duck

Image result for fuzzy duck

  • One player is nominated to start by saying either fuzzy duck or ducky fuzz the choice is theirs.
  • If the first player says fuzzy duck then the player on their left can either say fuzzy duck or does he.
  • If the first player says ducky fuzz then the player on their right can either say ducky fuzz or does he.
  • If the second player in either direction repeats the first player then the play passes on to the next person around the table. They can say fuzzy duck/ducky fuzz following the second player or does he.
  • The phrase does he reverses the play around the group e.i. switches clockwise for anti-clockwise or vice-versa. It also has the effect of changing the phrase so ducky fuzz becomes fuzzy duck and vice-versa.
  • Two people can say does he one after another, this has the effect that the play carries on in the same direction as before and with the same phrase.
  • If anyone makes any form of mistake in pronunciation or in the order of play, e.g. saying the same phrase twice, then they drink.

At this point in our night, chaos has ensued and fuck he does and does he fuck were flying everywhere. Good times.


The menu:

  • Bubbling cauldron
  • Eye of Newt
  • Spiderweb dip
  • Clotted blood (don’t puke, it’s just salsa) and bat ears
  • Jell-O shots
  • Fabulous shizz that a couple of guests contributed

Bubbling Cauldron and Eye of Newt

bubbling cauldron  eye of newt

If you are a fan of my blog and have connected to it in the various ways I’ve offered (E-mail, RSS, WordPress follow, Twitter follow, etc.) so that you can hang on each and every witty turn of phrase that my brilliant mind has created, you’ll know that I’ve shared both of these recipes in previous posts. Bubbling cauldron can be found here and Eye of newt can be found here.

Spiderweb Dip

spiderweb dip

So the recipe for this dip can be found in one of the cookbooks in my vast collection, however, I do this up a little differently than the original.


1 can of whatever kind of refried beans you prefer

2 ripe avocados

1 pkg. Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix (because this stuff is ahh-mazing!)

1 small container of sour cream

1 bag of Tostitos rounds


  1. In the microwave, heat up the refried beans just enough to make them easier to spread onto a plate/platter. Spread evenly, in the shape of a circle.
  2. Make the guacamole according to the instructions on the back of Mrs. Wages seasoning packet.
  3. Smooth guacamole over the top, leaving 1/2-inch border.
  4. Place sour cream in a small resealable plastic food storage bag; seal bag. Cut off tiny corner of bag; pipe sour cream in spiral shape over guacamole. Run tip of knife through sour cream to make “spiderweb.”

Clotted Blood and Bat Ears

This is simply a jar of salsa (your choice) and blue tortilla chips. I wish I had a picture to show you how cool these 2 foods look paired together, but they went pretty quickly–as did the Spiderweb dip. Plus, this year I forgot to buy the stupid ears . . . maybe next time.

Jell-O Shots

Use whatever favorite recipe you have for these wicked treats, throw them in a cauldron, and pass them around! Don’t have a fave Jell-O shot recipe? Have no fear! Simply click here!

Other Fab Shizz

Apple pie bars and pumpkin pie/spice dip served with graham crackers. Really top notch eats, bruh.


Here’s some of the best of the best.

IMG_5239  018 (2)

The Lion and Lion Tamer




Link and a 1920’s flapper

041 (2)

Creepy Girl


Creepy Girl and Pebbles


 Sporty Creepy Girl

IMG_5256  11012193_10153835893404391_1762688940451849058_n

Keeping the creepy . . .            all in the family.

019 (2)  033

Group photos . . .                                         of some of our lovelies.


Joker & Harley Quinn


Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn


Steampunk Wonder Woman

IMG_5259  IMG_5289 (2)

IMG_5269  IMG_5267

Joker, a very Creepy Girl, Harley Quinn, a Lion, a Lion Tamer, & Joker


A very groovy picture of the Joker

Well, that’s it for another year. A great time with great friends. Remember, my spooky lil peeps, for us Halloween isn’t just one day, but rather a way of life.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting





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