Would You Rather: Angel or Devil

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

The angel and the devil . . . I can honestly say that I’ve never dressed as either one for Halloween. A “dark” angel, yes, but not an angel that is all things good and of great ethereal beauty. One would think since I love the spookier side of Halloween, that I would have entertained the thought of dressing as a devil at some point . . . not my thing I guess . . . yet many are drawn to these costume choices time and time again. And, of course, as with any costume choice, there are a plethora of interpretations. For example, there’s this or this for the angel, but personally, the angel does nothing for me–unless–we’re talking about this angel. That’s right! I’ll own it! . . . but only the earlier seasons of  Mindfreak. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Anywho, I’ve often wondered what makes a person decide one way or another. That’s why I created the “Would You Rather” category of my blog so I can explore the attraction of opposites: where one will choose to dress as the angel (good), another will choose to dress as the devil (evil). Here, I choose a popular costume, and its counterpart, then give examples and DIY tips that are sure to inspire you.

Before we get started, here’s some Breaking Benjamin to help get us in an angel-kind-of-mood:

The Angel

Angel-Devil-Sexy-Girls-Demon-Ange--T-Shirts (3)

The nice thing about makeup and costume ideas is that they can be reused and reinvented to become something new or different every time.

Here are some great techniques that will help you create a badass angel costume.

makeup by Megan Tistle


courtesy of Cocopsyche


A great idea using star decals and small jewels–and check out those eyebrows–nice!

Video tutorial time!

As you can see, this is another fine example of a winter theme that could easily translate to ethereal angel.

Now, it’s my personal opinion that you can wear whatever the hell you want in your version of an angel–as long as your makeup and wings are on point.

Some great DIY angel wings that will really bring your costume to another level:

DIY Victoria’s Secret wings: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  

Cool, right? Now if you’re thinking, “dude, you’re completely high if you think I’m going to put that much time and money into a feckin’ pair of wings,” Chill out!

Here’s a couple of easy peasy tutorials just for you slackers.

The instructions for these wings can be found at  Creative Connections for Kids.

Yes, I realize these are for kids, however, adjusting the size for an adult pair should be easy to do.

Now, if you still have your heart set on wings with feathers–here’s an easy DIY by  LC  from the real  OC  (wink, wink).



Bonus round!

Here’s a DIY tutorial that has both makeup and costume instructions. Not too shabby.

It’s cute, yet understated. I think it’s perfect for those that like the vanilla side of a cone. 

Time to give the devil its due . . . and who better to help us flip the switch from angel to devil than Metallica . . . (live S & M)

The Devil

Angel-Devil-Sexy-Girls-Demon-Ange--T-Shirts (2)

When it comes to successfully creating a badass devil costume, I believe the focus should be on the makeup and horns–and yes, by all means–grow a tail. The pitchfork, on the other hand, is cheesy as–well–hell.

The makeup should draw people in and fascinate, so let’s take a look at some great examples . . .

This one is cool and she shows you how to do a simple version and a more elaborate one. Good news for all of you underachievers out there!

By the same artist as shown above and also cool. I love the metallic lips.


This one I love because it takes the typical “eye swoop” to a whole other level–bitchin’.

Boy is her face red! (pun intended) This is great.

found on us.fotolia.com
found on us.fotolia.com

Can’t you just picture 2 horns placed “just so” on her forehead? I totally can . . .

This is a great tutorial and (bonus) it also has a link to a great angel makeup tutorial too.


 To watch the Good vs Evil collaboration, click here.

And now . . . definitely saved the best for last. This final tutorial is not only a fine example of fully committing to your Halloween costume of choice but also a really fun tutorial to watch.

Soooooo much fun. BRAVA, Madeyewlook!!

Now, let’s get horny (pun intended–again):

Collaboween: Devil Horns


Courtesy of Chrix Design: Demonic Horns

Here’s another bonus!

This one’s for those of you who are freaking with excitement because you just decided what you’re going to be for Halloween. I saw these and practically started drooling. However, there are things to consider before committing to wearing wings. For that bit of advice, hop over to Light/Good Fairy or Dark/Not-So-Good Fairy.


Wire Skeleton Wings How-to

Aren’t these the shit? A fine addition to your devil or angel costume.

Before I split, I’m going to just leave this little bit of awesomeness right here:

“Romeo loved Juliette. Juliette loved Romeo.” That’s some good stuff right there.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

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