Would You Rather: Light/Good Fairy or Dark/Not-so-good Fairy

Welcome To The 13 Days of Halloween

Fairies . . . they are one of my all-time favorite of the mythical realm. And yet, I do not embrace all interpretations of the fae folk. For example, some of the more popular fairies are this sugar plum and  . . . oh yeah, this bunch who–let’s face it–are simply riding the pixie dust of the one in glas. But then there is Mab (as portrayed by Miranda Richardson in the movie Merlin) who is queen of them all. There’s also fairy godmothers, the tooth fairy, Ferngully fairies, and that fairy who turned Pinocchio into a real boy . . . enough! Personally, I don’t care if a person chooses to be this or this, just don’t come at me chanting “trick-or-treat” if you’re wearing some cookie cutter one-size-fits-all bit of crap. A lot of people will do this and say “boom, I’m a fairy!” No, no, no, no, no! With that line being drawn in the sand, I’ve often wondered what makes a person decide one way or another. That’s why I created the “Would You Rather”category of my blog, so I can explore the attraction of opposites: where one will choose to dress shimmery and pastel and light, another will choose to dress glittery and edgy and dark. Here, I will choose a popular costume, and its counterpart, then give examples and DIY tips that are sure to inspire you.

First, I think we should listen to a little Black Sabbath jam called Fairies Wear Boots. The quality of this video is “eh” but hey–it’s 1970’s Ozzy. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Dark Fairy

Here’s some excellent examples of the not-so-good:

One of the reasons I dig this tutorial by ashleyep83 so much is because of the way she does her eyes–no falsies required. This is great news for we girls who are incapable of successfully applying/wearing the false eyelash.

I love Chienkiri’s bitchin’ use of tissue paper in creating a faux feather mask.

I love, love this makeup technique by iwanted2c1video. It is very bad ass, and although I think the accentuated nose is a groovy addition, I hesitate to try it, for it seems to cause a facial twitch or something.

red fairy 1   red fairy 2

I love this look. I have no tutorial to include but the original photos

can be found at the photographer’s site: JenHell66


The descriptor for this tutorial is elvish, however, I think it could also have the makings for one bad ass fairy. The bonus is that a DIY is included for making the head piece and ear cuffs–nice! When you link to Sandra Holmbom’s page, don’t freak out, there’s instructions in English further down. 

And now, a brief interlude . . .

Discuss . . .

Here, is a much more enjoyable (in my opinion) rendition of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Am I right?

The Light Fairy

light fairy

Here’s some excellent examples of the good:

An entertaining tutorial by Charisma Star. Glitter Helper–who knew, right?

This tutorial is brought to us by nancyvip. I love the use of paste jewels–nice touch.

Marjo over at Beautylish is responsible for this bit of inspiration. It’s simple and do-able.

Plus, you can use a color palette of your choosing and still pull it off.

Now before you flip on me, and start screaming “TYPO”, let me explain. I know this tutorial is called “Twisted Fairy”, however, I believe this could be used for both dark and light. It’s all in the choice of colors used. Picture this: white, pale pink, and iridescent shimmer . . . now are you getting the idea? Great! Here’s the link.

I think that last tutorial is the perfect segue for what I’ve got coming up next. I’m going to share some great DIYs for wings and assorted apparel that can be tailor-made for both light and dark fairy costumes–remember–it’s all about the colors and accents/accessories you choose. 

What to Wear and How to Make it


Let’s chat about wing choice for a minute. When deciding on the right look for your costume, please take into consideration maneuverability and level of ease in which to pee. You could make yourself some epic head to toe spider web wings but ask yourself this: where will you be sportin’ these bad boys–a crowded bar or club? A friend’s house where only 5 other people have been invited? And what about when you have to pee? What’s the ease with which these wings can be removed and replaced (if in fact they hinder you from–well–you know)? I speak from experience on this one, peeps. The truth is, maneuverability and the ability to pee are factors that should be taken into consideration no matter the costume. Now with that in mind, let’s check out some wing DIYs.

 By Firefly Path

 By Fire Pixie Fashion

 By Feathers Wings and Things

 By the_gella

One more found on Wiki How.

Skirt-Type Apparel

 By Melony Smith

  By Karlene’s Workshop

 By The Riley’s

One for the Feet

Material and color of your choice, of course.

One for the Head

  By Save on Crafts

Well that’s it for this post . . . or is it . . . I’m going to share some samples of art from my most favorite artist of the fae folk, Amy Brown.

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

skull fairy

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Light/Good Fairy or Dark/Not-so-good Fairy

  1. Love it!!! Touched on all the important things! Totally agree on everything- especially your tips on wings.. And let me just note the importance of the perfect ears!


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