Would You Rather: Cute Doll or Creepy Doll

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

Dolls . . . they freak the shitzu out of me. And yes, I’m well aware that I’m suppose to be the lover of all things Halloween, but dammit, a chick’s got her limits! And personally, I don’t care if a person chooses to be this or this, because either way, I will do this and this. Nevertheless, I’ve often wondered what makes a person decide one way or another. That’s why I created the “Would You Rather”category of my blog, so I can explore the attraction of opposites: where one will choose to dress cute and adorable, another will choose to dress dark and disturbing. Here, I will choose a popular costume, and its counterpart, then give examples and DIY tips that are sure to inspire you.


But first . . . here’s a little bit of deliciousness that I stumbled upon:


Here’s some excellent examples of creepy dolls:

I would cry!

This is a great tutorial on how to conjure up ole Annabelle. Love/hate the first few seconds of this video.

Annabelle Doll from the Conjuring. I can’t even–I just can’t . . .

Creepy Doll (makeup and costume) by ahlois. I absolutely love everything about this! . . .right down to the pearl necklace–on point.

Creepy Doll Makeup – Awesome Homemade Costume. What’s with the bugs? What a great addition to an already creepy makeup job!


The Makeup MADness of Goldiestarling. I’m linking to her showcase video because she has got some kick ass tutorials.

This page has great ideas for both pretty dolls and pretty creepy dolls. This is a really clever interpretation of a creepy doll. LOVE the gears and I think this would be great paired with some Steampunk attire.

Dead Dolly tutorial by Lora Arellano

Psycho Doll Video by LETZMAKEUP


Another musical interlude . . .


And now for some cute examples of simply the cutest dolls:

 Love the placement of the fake eyelashes.

 Cute Rag Doll Toy Halloween Tutorial. Love the yarn hair–effective.

 Cute doll makeup found on Pinterest. Here’s a great example of the power of a great contact. Yes, they make doll eye contacts.

                              Doll/Anime makeup. Not only is the eye makeup working  but so is the contouring.

  Doll/Anime makeup. Love the technique for making the eyes look larger and the exaggerated lashes. 

Marie Antoinette Doll Makeup

So whether you’ve decided to be creepy or cute (personally, I think you can be both), I truly believe the key to creating a kick ass doll costume is all in the way you do your eyes. Wear what you will–style your hair or wig however–and do up your lips to suit you . . . but make sure your eyes are on point.

SHUT UP!! This scares the crackers outta me!

It really is all about getting that flawless-painted-on kinda look. Porcelain–plastic–artistry. Here’s one more tutorial for you:

Broken Doll

Well that’s it for this post . . . or is it . . . I’m going to share this freaky little clip. WARNING: It’s a real pee-your-pants type of experience:

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting


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